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Worldwide Travel and Language Community

The community for travel and language interested people

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Language Exchange and Information

In today's global world it makes much more fun to learn and improve language skills because it is easy meeting people from all over the world. Over here we want to give you the tools and information to improve your language skills and offer a language exchange platform.

All our services are completely free and will always be. So let's join our community and become a language addict.

Travel Community and Forum

Discuss about traveling and languages with people from all over the world and get new insights.

The forum offers you a free and easy way to improve your knowledge, ask questions and support others with language and travel related issues.

Another useful service for learning languages are our flashcards. You can create your own learning cards and learn whenever you have time - online and offline.

Learn Languages with Native Speakers

The best way to improve your language skills and learn about other languages is doing it yourself. Over here you can post articles in any language you want to learn and native speakers will support you in correcting your articles.

Additionally you can help others by correcting articles in your native language and show them what needs to be improved. Therefore it is not just learning a language but a social experience with people from all over the world.

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